April 29

A Decade of Solidarity: Introducing this year’s ESC volunteers

Since 2014, A4 has hosted almost forty volunteers from all over Europe through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of diversity and collaboration. These volunteers dive into the exciting life of A4, as well as Bratislava, for usually up to a year, and work on developing a skill set and learn more about the specificities of an independent cultural center in areas such as production, marketing, event organization and programming. In January, we welcomed the photography volunteer Amelie from France, videography volunteer Eduarda from Portugal, technical support volunteer Paula from Spain, and PR&Communication volunteer Anete from Latvia.

ESC is the mobility program of the EU for young people, aged between 18 to 30, to volunteer, support the community and improve their skills during a project of up to 12 months. This can be done abroad or in their own country. Read more about ESC in A4.

In this article, our new volunteers introduce themselves and delve more into their passions, inspirations, and even hopes for their year in A4. So sit back and read on to get to know these wonderful individuals.


Hey there! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Anete, the PR & Communication ESC volunteer for 2024. Originally from Riga, Latvia, I lived in Tallinn, Estonia the past several years. After immersing myself in the vibrant culture and music scene of Tallinn and earning my bachelor’s degree from Tallinn University, I am now excited to explore Bratislava’s cultural wonders.

Music, especially hip-hop, pulses through my veins, and attending or working at concerts is what sparks me. I am a big advocate and supporter of the Estonian rap scene (I even dedicated my graduation research paper to the subject and presented it at the European Hip-Hop Studies Network Conference in Brno back in September). But my interests don’t end there – I also find joy in watching basketball and skateboarding.

If I am not at A4, I am most likely at a nice coffee shop, enjoying my cappuccino with oat milk and scrolling through social media or reading, or filling out a spreadsheet (I really like spreadsheets). Let’s connect, so feel free to reach out, whether it’s to chat about music, sports, culture or anything beyond it.


Ahoj, I’m Amélie, I came from France. I am the new photographer ESC volunteer. I am also very interested in videography, I love to discover new movies and filmmakers from various origins. Overall, I am passionate about artistic practices. One of my dreams will be to do a huge trip all around the world! In short, I think I like discovering…


Ahoj. I am Paula from Spain. This year I am the new tech volunteer. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a house full of cinephiles, so my interest and passion for cinematographic art has followed me ever since I was little. That is why I got my degree in audiovisual communication.

I have worked in several countries, such as Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal. All of this has enriched me as a person. As well as my professional background has made me understand that my desire to create and my passion for the video format has to be part of my career path.

I want my experience of a year living in Slovakia to be an opportunity to grow, learn and fulfil one dream or another. May it be full of lights, concerts, PC 500, movies, cameras and action. So let’s figure it out together why I am here in Bratislava!

If I had to describe myself in a single word I think I would choose: Sunrise. I think you have to reinvent yourself a few times along the way, bring positivity and believe in yourself more than anyone else. Of course, bring light to others. If I’m not in A4, it might be because I’m with you watching movies, laughing or creating.


Hey there! I’m Eduarda, I’m originally from Brazil, but I’ve lived in Portugal for the past years, where I consider my second home.

I’ve recently finished my studies in cinema and audiovisual and have been working as a filmmaker since. I’m passionate about cinematography so I’m more than excited to join the A4 team and film many creative projects. My guilty pleasures are pretty lights and the fog machine.

Winter has quickly turned into spring, and our volunteers have been busy and immersed in not only the fascinating events of A4 but also having had several workshops. They have deepened their understanding and skills in fields such as graphic design, light design, photography and videography. Stay tuned for our upcoming article, where we will talk more about the workshops and the impressions that the volunteers have gained from them. 

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