Choreography of theory of games by six performers

Sunday the 21th of October A4 premieres a dance performance Game choreographed by Tomáš Danielis. The viewers will witness six performers examine power, space and the theory of games through movement. 
Game is a dance performance about the strategies of power. Six performers will use movement to exhibit experiences of six people that share one space. Situations that are both connecting and dividing the characters bring along many challenges and ways to deal with them together. How to find a way to achieve individual goals? How many ways are there to balance individuality, collectivism and dominance over others?

The newest project of choreographer Tomáš Danielis and his creative team is one of the series of projects that analyses the topic of power and is based on research of the theory of games. Its aim is to reflect upon the key moments of power mechanics and also to show the consequences of power processes on our society – through movement, taking up space and sharing its borders. Strategic behavior of individuals, occupying the space and spacial movement expression are the core of the performance Game and also the point of creative collaboration of the dancers within the premiered performance.
Tomáš Danielis is an awarded choreographer who focuses on genres bordering between visual-digital art and dance. Besides that he compiles innovative movement vocabularies for purely dance performances. Danielis collaborates with multidisciplinary artists in his dance work and examines conceptual approaches to art performance and contemporary dance, often overlapping with the genre of space installation and light installation or contemporary photography. In his work Daniellis consciously works with site-specific approaches and manages to enrich each of his new projects with innovative layers.
On the stage there will be five more performers who’s choreography inputs were a vital part of the process of making the performance Game. J. Simet, J. Arsen, S. Kúdeľová, L. Fulop, R. De Simone will together with Danielis explore the space and its rules and relationships between each other through repetitive strategies of human behavior in different situations. 

The performance Game will add to the selection of contemporary and critically acclaimed international dance program of A4 dramaturgy. Produced by the project FEYNMEN and in coproduction with Pro Progresione and DYNAMEaeT the project was also supported by Kulturam Stadt Graz, A9 Europa, Kultur Ausserbeziehungen Land Steiermärk, BKA, Rakúskych Kultúrnych Centier v Bratislave, Seoule a Budapesti, NKA Budapest and by the local Fund for Supporting Arts.