Thursday at 8:00 PM

MULTIPLACE #15: MULTIPLES / Gazelle Twin, M.E.S.H., Sound Sleep

MULTIPLACE #15: MULTIPLES / Gazelle Twin, M.E.S.H., Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep, the side-project of sound surgeon and Exitab veteran Dead Janitor, extends an exciting run of tapes into a trilogy with the latest installment called Blank. Two fifteen-minute collages carry on with the tradition of raw psych-synth, subliminal drum patterns and impressive transitions layered with an enormous range of brain scratching glitches. Everything is glued together with a cold industrial atmosphere – a trademark of both Sound Sleep and Dead Janitor.

M.E.S.H., using a simple software setup and samples he sources online, James Whipple creates a sound that’s both familiar and deeply strange.

Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz a British composer, producer and musician from Brighton, England. Walling conceived the project when she watched Fever Ray perform at the 2009 Loop Festival. She noted how “her show reminded me how powerful and liberating costume is, and I became interested in the power of disguise”.