Thursday at 8:00 PM

L1 Association: BY the way OFF

Choreographer/director Ladjánszki Márta, performers Kovács Emese (dance), Kovács Noémi (dance), Mórocz Eszter (dance), Csizmadia Tamás (dance), Oliver Mayne (music), Varga Zsolt (music) composers Oliver Mayne (GB/D) and Varga Zsolt, visuals Koroknai Zsolt, lighting design Tomas Moravek (CZ), costumes Butterfly

‘Your touch is tender and exciting. We join in an amorous embrace, but are enveloped in a maddening solitude. We wish to appear and to be together, to see and to be seen, to reveal and be revealed. Before we part forever, let’s meet up again, just one last time’

StatusM has been running successfully as a creative process, based around a series of performances, builds upon the mutual listening and understanding of its participants, and consists of a number of phases, developed in collaboration with my colleagues and co-creators. It was continually challenging, instructive and exciting to participate in this work, in which we combined a month-long exploratory workshop, with a subsequent performance showcasing the resulting work. In 2010 we continued this journey by working in partnership with three invited co-directors, with the aim of presenting the premiers of these collaborations under the StatusM banner’ (2008-2010)

Marta Ladjanszki started her ballet studies at the private studio of Valeria P. Acs (Budapest, Hungary), and from 1994 to 1996 she attended ballet and modern dance classes. Encouraged by the Inspiration in 1997, she co-founded the group KompMania, where she was a dancer and co-choreographer of several productions until 2002. Her first independent work One was created for the 1st Solo Dance Festival, and later on she regularly performed her solos. These works, like Stretching Thighs and Two, were devised for herself and radically rewrote sensuality. In 2001 she joined L1 Association, located in a site-specific studio, and has been a member of this ensemble ever since. “Ladjanszki is perhaps the most exciting, and most promising member of her generation. Her works are full of fire: her individual and outstanding presence, freedom of her imagination, passion of her movements and sensitivity towards intimacy can be discovered in all her creations.”

Special thanks for the inspirative ideas and creativity to: Bill Young, Garai Júlia, Molnár Csaba, Koroknai Zsolt, Kozár Edit.

Supported by: L1 Association, NKA – Dance Department, EMMI, Workshop Foundation, Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem, Pozsonyi Magyar Intézet