Thursday at 3:15 PM

Manuál sprievodcu známymi obrazmi – Famous painting guides manual

15.15 older children 7-11 yr. / 16.30 younger children 4-6 yr.

Lecturer Monika Pascoe Mikyšková

History of art is composed of many famous paintings. We know some of them, thanks to their better promotion, even if we are not art experts. For example Mona Lisa from Leonardo da Vinci, the murals of the Sixtine Chapel from Michelangelo or the paintings of Andy Warhol. But there are many interesting paintings whose authors are equally famous, but we only learn of the from art history books. Which paintings should we know and why? This is the topic of the new art workshops in A4.The course is comprised of a short theoretical part with a projection and creative activities where, kids together with us, are inspired by the specific artwork.

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