Sunday at 7:00 PM

Koniec2: Koniec sveta + Bugarach (End of the world – Bugarach)

4 € both films / 3 € one film

Koniec świata, directed by Monika Pawluczuk, PL, 40 min., Polish with Slovak subtitles

The End squared are two films thematizing 21st of December 2012, the day when the world was supposed to end according to a prophecy. End of the World is an intimate and very visual documentary, which takes place during a single night. In a big city, a lot of people are connected with a single need – rueful with loneliness they want to talk to someone. Some call 112, even if it’s not needed, others call the radio.

Bugarach, directed by Ventura Durall, Salvador Sunyer, Sergi Cameron, ES/DE, 95 min., French with English subtitles.

Bugarach is a small village in the south of France with 200 inhabitants. In December 2012 it was flooded with people from all over the world, because rumors told, that it was the only place on Earth meant to survive the encroaching end of the world. A documentary about the bizarre clash of cultures captured in beautiful long scenes.