Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Mokrá svadba + Heidegger in Auschwitz

Mokrá svatba, directed by Jakub Halousek, Jan Daňhel, CZ, 24 min., Czech

Heidegger in Auschwitz, directed by Martin Ježek, CZ, 50 min., German with Czech subtitles

The evening of experimental film and philosophy will introduce two films that use narration in a very non-Hollywood way. Wet Wedding offers hypnotic image deformations, acknowledges and uses the sounds of the lm strip that intertwine with the voice recordings – making the story emotionally captiva- ting but also narratively impossible to decipher. The structural film Heidegger in Auschwitz combines the storylines of the German philosopher visiting Auschwitz 40 years after his own death and the one of his former partner Hannah Arend walking by his old chalet, edited with parts of his Being and Time.