Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Divadlo SkRAT: Rozlúčka s pohybovým aparátom // First Repeat – Goodbye to the musculoskeletal system

7 € / 5 € students

Authors and starring: I. Hrubaničová, L. Fričová, D. Gudabová, Ľ. Burgr, M. Chalmovský, V. Zboroň, Movement cooperation: S. Vlčeková, Visual cooperation B. Vitázek, Music Pjoni, Light design B. Adamčík

This year’s first performance of Theater SkRAT is an attempt at a dance performance. The actors, through the expressions of their internal organs meet with politicians, celebrities, journalists, and photographers. They are exposed to aggression and despotism of physical education workers, coaches and they sometimes perhaps want to bring the starts from the sky down to earth because they want to feel them. However, perhaps they just want to state something about themselves, something they cannot express with words.

The incenations’ creation was supported from public funds by the main partner – Slovak Arts Council and by BSK Regional dotation scheme.