Sunday at 5:00 PM

Our end is our beginning

Sunday / 17.00 / concert / party / barbecue / program for kids
Pictureplane (US), Hallogenerator (SK), A4 DJs & more

Before all of us start off the summer and leave for holiday trips there’s a farewell party to attend. The end of the season will start (in case of good weather) with music at the backyard terrace and will last till late night.

Our favorite themes will be musically and visually present while the nausea from speculating about the fate of the accelerating society approaches. Vaporwave, postinternet, techno apocalypse and the climate change will be in the air and also in the dresscode.

American produces Pictureplane loves terms like “Post Physical”, “Touching Transform” or “Trancegender” not only in the titles of his songs. Project-band Hallogenerator will bring a multimedia electro saga by a sad party futuristic robot playing the biggest hits. Local DJs of A4 will also play: the intergalactic duo Aurélia & Tereza and DJ Hamborgarafabrikkan a.k.a. Slávo. Feel free to take your kids, our animator Janka will take care of them and make some t-shirts while you can refresh yourself with a drink or BBQ!