Thursday at 7:00 PM

Count until zero

entry: vstup voľný

featured artists: Michaela Prablesková, Ema Lančaričová, Adriana Remiašová, Katarína Balúnová, Dorota Hošovská, Dorota Brázdovičová, Ema Diehelová


Dimension ZERO is a zine founded, curated and written by A4 ESC volunteers Alexandra Verzier, Denisa Avram, Vera Terradellas and Santiago Mejías. What started as a regular publication with the aim to present the English friendly part of A4 program turned out to be an elaborated plot to spill their emotions and raw expressions into the void (and the world) in print. Each issue deals with a different sociological or philosophical topic, beginning and ending in the point ZERO.


The zero-dimensional shape, and any zero-dimensional space consists of a single point and nothing else. This means that it can be considered a zero-dimensional space of infinite extent. A point has a location of a size zero. This means that a point is not a region, but a single location. There are reasons to leave but no reasons to go anywhere specific. You end up being a stranger at some place. In the point Zero.


The exhibition COUNT UNTIL ZERO presents artworks by seven female artists presented in the monthly zines and a site-specific installation based on the texts published in the various issues of the zine Dimension Zero.


The event was supported by the program European Solidarity Corps.

entry: vstup voľný