Friday at 8:00 PM

Out of context: DJ Conquistador

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☢ Series of genrefluid audiovisual mixtapes & performances provided by the A4 community ☢
Playing and experiment with formats and everyday tools. Connecting through the internet because what else is there to do 🙃
First performer of the series will be DJ Conquistador.
Dj Conquistador is a part of current EVS crew of A4. He explores the world’s biggest media archive (OMG IS THE INTERNET) to bring you an involuntarily disgusting performance. A completely stupid approach to the sacred art of pushing buttons.
“Sometimes it gets really boring” – PEOPLE
“How the f*ck did I end up here” – Some other individual
“Guy was probably drunk or something I didn’t understand it.” – DJ Conquistador
Event will be streamed through Mixcloud and A4 website, links will be added a few hours before the event.

entry: dobrovoľné