Thursday at 8:00 PM

Returning to Reims (Fragments)

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Thursday / 20.00 / Kino inak A4 / 4 € / 2€ 

directed by Jean-Gabriel Périot

2021, FR, French with English subtitles, 83 min.


Return to Remes is an adaptation of Didier Eribon’s book of the same name, interpreted by Adèle Haenel. Through the archives, the film tells the intimate and political story of the French working class from the beginning of the 1950s to the present day. 

“My father worked in the factory from the age fourteen to fifty-six. Then he was sent to “early retirement” – at the same time as my mother (she was fifty-five at the time) without anyone asking about his opinion. The system, which has been without hesitation exploiting them all that time, ended up throwing them both away like squeezed out lemons. He was very shocked to be suddenly without a job, she was, on the other hand, happy not to have to be working where she was humiliated – those, who had never tried it can never understand it – where there’s noise, heat and everyday repetition of the monotonous tasks, which eventually ate away even the most resistant organisms.” (D. Eribon, Returning to Reims, tranzit. cz, 2019)

entry: 4 € / 2€