Friday at 8:00 PM

Nu Dance Fest 2024: Pulsar: I will emerge from the forest, straighten my backbone, and it shall become my sword (Slovak premiere)

entry: presale 9 € / 5 € / 1 € // at the door 12 € / 8 € / 2 €

The Belarusian state. A system that depresses and numbs. It promotes uniformity, monotony, and obedience. Masses of individuals have understood that they want to live differently. Speak differently. Breathe different air. Their stories have become individualized. This story is about discovering and awakening one’s own resources. At the moment when a person realizes how vulnerable they are. How traumatized they are. How much their whole world has collapsed. But the world still stands and has many layers. Variants. Solutions. It’s not over yet. It still seems like it won’t relent. But the transformation has already begun…

This dance-theater event is the result of collaboration between Czech and Belarusian creators. It is based on the dramatic text of a Belarusian playwright. The production is based on the text as well as the direct personal experience of Belarusian creators with suppressed protests and the subsequent liquidation of cultural life in Belarus.

After the performance, there will be a discussion with the creators of the show. The discussion will begin approx. 10 minutes after the end of the performance and will be moderated by Dáša Čiripová.

PULSAR: I will emerge from the forest, straighten my backbone, and it shall become my sword. (BY/CZ)
Slovak premiere
Language: Czech. Low language barrier

Original text: no name67 (BY)
Translation, dance dramaturgy, direction: Tereza Krčálová
Choreography: Kateřina Stupecká, Helena Ratajová
Original music: Jegor Zabelov  (BY)
Artistic collaboration and scenography: Tomáš Žižka
Costumes: Mariana Novotná
Light design: František Fabián
Creation and interpretation: Tereza Krejčová, Johana Matoušková/Jolana Šturmová, Helena Ratajová, Anna Wollemannová
Professional supervision: Romana Štorková Maliti
Project curator, realization, and production: Honza Malík and PULSAR z. s.
Project realized under the auspices of: Ivan Vyrypajev and the Embassy of Independent Belarusian Culture in the Czech Republic

entry: presale 9 € / 5 € / 1 € // at the door 12 € / 8 € / 2 €