Thursday at 8:00 PM

Uhol_92: Toni Wolff realizes she lost millions (version Carl)

entry: presale 12 € / 7 € reduced // at the venue 15 € / 11 € reduced

Text and directed by: A. Vrzgula; dramaturgy: K. Cvečková; scene and costumes: A. Kutliaková; production: K. Kováčová; music: J. Čech; choreography: J. Jablonský; technical cooperation: J. Čech, P. Dolog; starring: K. Gurová, L. Libjaková, J. Jablonský, K. Spáčová, P. Tilajčík

Witty and fresh theater play with prize-awarded costume design maps the widespread phenomenon of spiritual influencers based and operating on social media. The pioneer of female psychoanalysis, Toni Wolff (1888-1953), a colleague and lover of Gustav Jung, returns to the present. How will she react to the fact that people today pay literally millions for misinterpretations of her theories? “To deal with the collective unconscious demands a solid ego consciousness and an adequate adaptation to reality.”

The creation of the text and the play was financially supported by public funds through Slovak Arts Council as the main partner. The play creators would also like to thank the Literature Fund for support. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava City Foundation.

entry: presale 12 € / 7 € reduced // at the venue 15 € / 11 € reduced