January 29

February in A4 

A small month with a big program starts with a triple portion of feminine music revolt and continues on to bring you programming workshops, many (not only) French films, Polish animation and theatre SkRAT in all its different versions.


The first evening of February starts off huge – with three concerts of musicians Klein (Hyperdub, UK), Ewa Justka (PL/UK) and Nina Pixel – Black Acid (SK/DE). Resonating name of the current London’s scene Klein will bring a socially-critical vision of music and her grainy pop collages mixed wit R&B and experimental electronics. Polish Ewa Justka comes in with her DIY synthesizers, hacked electric circuits and a spectacular light show. Last but not least Slovak born Berlin based musician Nina Pixel will premiere the special version of her sound poem Bias Loop beyond the limits of techno and ritual rhythms in soundscapes. 

This new work of Nina Pixel came to life as a work commissioned by the Amsterdam festival Sonic Acts and A4 as a part of the international collaboration Re-Imagine Europe and will premiere at the beginning of February. 

Inspired by experimental music you will be ready to apply to participate at the musical workshop of live-coding with TidalCycles program. The workshop will be lead by musician and programmer Fero Királyi and open also for those who have no previous experiences with programing or making music. The focus si on creating sounds and visuals using algorithms and the open-source software TidalCycles. Apply at workshop@A4.sk and try to perceive electronic music from the other side during the third weekend of February.

At the end of the month the regular music lecture series by Peter Dolník Futurit come again to A4 Kafé. This time he will talk about music of female authors keeping in mind the need to change the state of lack of their visibility and audibility in the context of contemporary feminism and problem of representation in different fields of art. Get ready for original sounds, sensitive rockers, anger of Riot Grrrls and experiments of contemporary female electronic musicians.


Right at the beginning of February we will open a new exhibition in A4 Café. The work of the artists Lucie Mičíková ranges from drawing, painting to sculpture. She focuses on time, collages and layering the past which you can witness in her latest project Cave Deep Mountain High opening in A4 soon.

Art for the youngest is a regular part of A4 programming. Therefore we would like to remind you of the popular children workshops lead by the artist and painter Monika Pascoe Mikyšková called What are those –ISMS?. The workshop practically and theoretically focuses on the art of the twentieth century. Each Thursday the differences between minimalism and pop-art are ready to be explained to your kids in a playful way. 


KINO INAK (Cinema Differently) is a vital part of the A4 life. In the dramaturgy carefully curated by Tomáš Hudák we will introduce a ZOOM into the work of French director Arnaud Des Pallières. You can watch three of his films – various and different in styles and forms – Park, Michael Kohlhaas and Orphan in the beginning of February. The first film is a mysterious and gloomy adaptation of a novel, second one is a historical film as a study of character and revenge with Mads Mikkelsen and the last one explores the psychology of a woman runaway in a collaboration with scriptwriter Christelle Berthevas.

Later in KINO INAK you can see the film Hranica by Ali Abbasi about an officer of custom services with exceptional sense of smell, film Striedavá starostlivosť directed by Xavier Legrande or the overview of the best contemporary animation films in the best-of selection of the Polish festival of animation O!PLA 2018. The end of February is marked by the Belgian film Girl directed by Lukas Dhont who sensitively captures experiences of a young trans ballet dancer Lara. 


The stage of A4 will belong to our home theatre ensemble SkRAT. Their new play Tiene Pochybnosti (Shadows of Doubt) about the past, presence and incompetence that came to life in collaboration with the Czech theatre Rádio Ivo will be presented three times during February. You can also enjoy their popular titles MonoStredná Európa Loves You and the optimistic opus Umriskap a zdochni…!!!

Come to enjoy the end of winter and the shortest month of the year in A4!