February 19

Festival Elevate is now part of the Re-imagine Europe project, just as A4

A4 – Space For Contemporary Culture is a part of the project Re-Imagine Europe which connects many european festivals, cultural institutions and multi-genre events into a collaborative network open for exchanges. One of the events that A4 shares this connection with is Austrian art festival ELEVATE that will take place in Graz in the end of February!

Elevate is as multi-genre as it can get. Its program manages to mix experimental visuals, multimedia art and text-based performances and of course, music. Interdisciplinary approaches were part of the Elevate festival from its beginning. Thanks to the Re-Imagine Europe network the festival had an opportunity to develop even a richer programming, focusing largely on visual art. This year The Elevate Festival is expanding its program further with international partners. Visitors will have a chance to experience commissioned pieces of art, digital Media-Art in the center of the festival and also explore the festivals “Artist- in-Residency” program.

More than 10 art organizations had been collaborating on making various interdisciplinary commissioned works possible to realize, with the help of the international network of Re-Imagine Europe. The Artist-in-Residency program of the Elevate Festival is being set up in different places of Europe while the resulting art pieces will also be shown in various contexts and events, focusing on common narratives. Among the participating organizations, apart from Elevate are also the Lighthouse Studio in Brighton, the Sonic Acts Festival and the Norwegian Museum Bergen’s Kunstforening.

The program of the Elevate Festival itself focuses on working with de-familiarized forms, nding connections and bridges between music and new media and topics of digital culture and its relation and impact on contemporary society and politics. The crucial part of the festival are installations and interventions in public spaces, multimedia performances, and walk-in sound sculptures. Both the visitors and the participating artists will explore and challenge their views on boundaries between physical and digital, real and virtual, real and ctional, abstract and material.

The upcoming festival edition will be happening from 28 February to 4 March in Graz. In 2018 Elevate exhibits art that can be visited during the entire festival. Come, enjoy, listen, think and explore, soon in Graz.