June 3

JUNE in A4

JUNE in A4

The last month of the 2018/2019 season is full of program so come and can enjoy A4 intensively before the summer break comes! We are bringing you cinema premieres, politically engaged art installations, four concerts, three SkRAT theatre performances, a children music workshop and finally also a summer terrace in the backyard! 


For starters we had prepared a double screening day – the Sunday after Children’s day you can look forward the adventurous film by Andrej Kolenčík, Mohyla. Its children cast will take you on a time-travel journey to the past with the help of M. R. Štefánik’s diary. In the evening a magical Chinese film Long Day’s Journey Into Night about love and unpredictability of human memories will be screened. Besides China we will travel to other continents in the series of African films screenings called CinemAfrica. This time we introduce a film by Angolan female director Pocas Pascoal called Alda and Maria about coming-of-age and having experienced immigrants’ life in Lisbon of the eighties. 

A dynamic film King Skate screened as a part of the KineDok series will pull you in the history of skateboarding and its heroes in the socialist Czechoslovakia. Skateboarding became one of the alternatives of rebellion against the totalitarian regime. Bulgarian documentary film by director Elitza Guerguievova Every wall is a door will also take us to the times before the Berlin Wall’s fall. The traps of ideology and totalitarianism will be poetically examined in the allegorical film Happy as Lazzaro about the dangers of simply thinking directed by Alice Rohrwacher.


Movement-based visual solo performance by Sláva Daubnerová tells the life story of the American photographer Francesca Woodman who lived and worked in New York in the eighties. Captivating performance about the intense life of the artist will be presented in the beginning of the month. The local theatre SkRAT will perform their legendary play Umri, skap a zdochni and also a three-monodrama Moo. If you didn’t get the chance to see the performance Love Portrait about love and meaningless words in March, you will have another chance in the second half of June.

The premiere performance by Samuel Chovanec, Being me being you, will bring you three stories of three different man and their identities, destinies and manipulation. The play was awarded in the competition Drama which was a part of the theatre festival New Drama and manages to use the possibilities of life-camera and video-installation in an inventive manner.


Festival Sensorium will present two of their events in A4. The evening before the official festival’s start you can look forward to the intermedia performance about the history rotating called Everywhen. On the seventh of June the American media artist Jonathan Reus performs a sonic neuro-surgery, a life-hacking audiovisual performance titled iMac Music. The evening will be opened by Fero Királyi and his sound DIY live-coding set for which he will also need a toy Kasio piano.

The second part of the month will bring a new and special performance by Cluster Ensemble titled Patterns. The music/dance/light performance will present three of Reich’s compositions in pre-premiere. One of the last June’s weekends will resound in experimental music as a part of the International Festival of Experimental Music. The experimental studio Bratislava will introduce IMAGO SONORIS – Lost Memories BONSAI GARDEN, we will also welcome the French Studio Forum and the international ensemble Winners Take All as a part of SonicART Concert.

The last June’s A4 concert will belong to Holland’s The Informals. The audiovisual performance is an autobiographical work bringing a mix of documentary film and improvisational techniques in digital age from Northern Russia together. The evening will be started off by the improvisational electronic sets by Palmovka (Lucia Udvaryová) and Prell (Peter Márton).


This month you will have a chance to see an art installation titled Freedom of Movement by Adam Engler in Kafé A4 as a part of program organized by Amnesty International. The discussion will tackle the topics of migration and searching for a safe way to Europe. You will hear 33 305 names of people that unfortunately didn’t survive this journey – thanks to indifference of the administration and those who have bigger privileges.

The last edition of the lecture series Technology and thinking with Palo Fabuš is coming back to A4 with the theme of value of art and rules of fantasy. Fabuš will be examining literality, measurability and dubjectivity of art as such. Critical thinking can be exercised also at the already-regular lecture by Lukáš Krajčír, this time about timeless texts by Ján Lajčiak.

The last discussion of the month will be the eleventh edition of lecture City as politicum about examining the potencial of city’s developement in dramaturgy of Bohdan Smieška co-organized with Local Act.

KIDS in A4

The month starting with the Children’s day can’t miss a proper kids programming. Besides the regular art workshops with Monika Pascoe Mikyšková “What are those ISMS?” the older kids can be excited about the anticipated musical workshop Sonic Pi with Fero Királyi. A lot of playing with tones, sounds and compositions will take place!


The last event of WhatEVS before holidays will be dedicated to the presentation of projects by our volunteers. The June’s gathering will not only be a regular reunion of people interested in the topic of volunteering but also an opening of the exhibition of works of the artists that participated in the zine In & Around made by our volunteers.

Come to celebrate cultural and sunny summer to A4 in June!