March 2


This month is more than full of program! Sometimes even a double (or triple) portion will be served in one evening, as there are a few different festivals taking place in March. We are as usually bringing you a colorful selection of artists and genres. Ideally come to see each of them!


Right at the beginning of the month we will premiere the play Love Portrait and The Arrival of Godot starring Heidi Šinková and Peter Tilajčík. Collectively created musical and movement based performance promises a light show, live composed music and a captivating stream of happenings, sounds, love and moves. A few days after the Dezor’s puppet theatre (the only puppet theatre for adults in Slovakia) will introduce their bloody vampire story about the legendary outlaw Ján Ošík and the Avenger with Fujara (a traditional Slovak musical instrument).

The national theatre of Prešov will introduce their play Moral Insanity exactly in the middle of the month. The acting monodrama of Peter Bajerčík directed by Júlia Rázusová based on the novel The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco examines conspiracy theories, antisemitism and racism in media and politics.

The festival of the oppressed QOTO (Queens of the Theatre of the Oppressed) presents the form of Theatre Forúm. The viewers will have a chance to enter the stage and interactively look for solutions with the actors and actresses through the expressions of the theatre language in the safe-space of the theatre hall of A4.

The local theatre ensemble SkRAT will perform four of their popular plays in March – including the new Shadows of the Doubt, classic Paranoia, TAbu and Extractions and Substitutes. We will also welcome Debris Company back to our stage with their play WOW! based on the poetry of Eugen Gindl.


In the first half of March the first edition of the festival of transgender culture will take place; The World According to Gabriel is an in memoriam event organized for tragically passed away Gabriel Švábenský. The multi-genre event aims to increase the awareness about the critical situation of  transgender people and their community in Slovakia. The program promises a discussion on the topic hosted by publicist Michal Havran, the play Extractions and Substitutes by the Theatre SkRAT, a concert of a “once-in-a-lifetime” combination of musicians in the ensemble “Medley” and two DJ sets – by B-Complex and DJ Reverend.

Photography exhibition of portraits capturing transgender people and their stories titled “Being ourselves” by Dorota Holubová will take place in Kafé A4.


In Kino Inak we will travel to Senegal in the beginning of March. One of the most acclaimed African directors Djibril Diop Mambéty brings a fairy-tale-y film The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun about independence, determination and poverty. A day after we will focus on the contemporary Slovak art scene and experimental film in the screening of short films called Iné Vízie SK, this year curated by András Cséfalvay. Art will stay in Kino Inak also in the ongoing series film x art and the film Have You Seen My Movie? by Paul Anton Smith, that examines the phenomena of cinema and audience.

The film Summer by Kirill Serebrennikov will take us to Leningrad of the eighties and the tory of young Viktor Coj, who wants to become a rock star. The last screening of March belongs to Christian Perzold and his film Transit that explores the German history in the story of George and his identity.


In March you can look forward to a concert of Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society and Lenka Novosedlíková. The American multi-instrumentalist is since the nineties one of the most distinctive figures of the experimental scene (not only) in Chicago. The acoustic ensemble Natural Information Society and their bass clarinet, harmonium, drums, gong and the Moroccan musical instrument guimbri will come along. The evening will be open by Slovak musician Lenka Novosedlíková and her guest Matej Sloboda.

The sixth edition of truly contemporary music comes to A4 titled as the festival KRAA #6. The long spring night will be full of experimental music of the local seen and offer the freshest sounds of various project that meet up annually at this reunion of experimental music. At the end of the month    you can also get involved in experimenting with sounds first-handed and actively – the workshop Modular synthesis with VCV Rack starts off a three part series of practical examination of creating sounds with modular synthesizers lead by Ondřej Spiritz.

Music will be analyzed theoretically and critically also – three Czech and one Slovak music publicists Klusák, Stuchlý, Veselý and Andrej Kabal will in the second part of the month discuss and show what were the most interesting happening in music (experimental, pop, mainstream) in 2018. The traditional part of our program, the discussion and listening based evening Teasing will also take place in March introducing the work and taste of Martin Iľanovský alias Tasun.

Come to A4 in March, there’s always something going on!