May in A4

Welcome to the long expected month of May! We are anticipating sunny weather and 31 long days that need to be filled with culture with hope. Here are the highlights of this month’s program!


You can celebrate the Labour Day in Kino Inak, peeking into the wild life in high politics through the portrait of Silvio Berlusconi directed by Paolo Sorrentino – get ready for more than a two hour long journey through the decay and ecstasy in the backstage of Italian power. Later on get lead into quite a different, way more intimate atmosphere, with the directorial debut of Beata Parkanová, Chvilky (Moments). The film follows a story of young woman Anežka who is trying to figure out her complicated relationships quietly and without getting anybody hurt. She puts herself last and therefore it’s only a matter of time when she will be the one to ache.

Unconventional and intimate view of closeness and human relationships is to be observed in the debut picture by Romanian filmmaker Adina Pintilie, Touch me not. The film balances between fiction, documentary and film essay and was awarded by the Golden bear at Berlinale for challenging genres and breaking taboos about who’s intimacy is attractive, tolerated and understood.

Kino Inak is bringing you more experimental titles in May – the short Breaking Waves by Slovak director Andrej Kolenčík or the film Helicopter String Quarted by Frank Scheffer (programmed in the series of films about art FilmxArt) both deal with music. While Kolenčík is presenting a poetic portrait of the band Čisté Tvary, Scheffer’s is behind the documentary about the avant-garde composition for four helicopters and string quartet by Karlheinz Stockhausen. 

Political engagement through cinema will be reflected in cooperation with Príbeh nula (Story 0) after the screening of film Nae Pasaran about the strike of the employees of Scottish factory against the Chilean dictatorship and the film Climatic camps throughout Europe. After both the screenings you are invited to discuss the issues with the organizers.


At the beginning of May we are welcoming the Slovak-moravian ensemble of unconventional composed-improvised music. The composer and instrumentalist Július Fujak and Jan Kavan invited the avant-garde musician Ján Boleslav Kladivo and two singing divas with string instruments – Gabriela Vermelho and Jana Ambrózová to join them for the Friday’s concert. They are bringing us the Musical happening XIX during which we will hear compositions from the album Marián & tEóRia OtraSu: Hudobné happenings.

Mid-month you can enjoy the irregular session of exceptional and improvising musicians in Kafé A4. Impro Kafé invited a strong ensemble of instrumentalist coming from different generational and genre backgrounds. Kafé A4 will also welcome you to its discussion-listening music event Teasing, this time introducing the work and taste of Tomáš Prištiak, who besides his solo productions also makes for a half of the duo Tante Elze.

In the end of the month we are excited to host a star of New York experimentla electornic scene, Dafne Naphtali. Dafna is known for her creative collaborations and therefore this concert she will play along the saxophonist Edith Lettner from Vienna. Together they are also working on a new album full of unexpected sound explosions. The evening will be open by the new project of Slavo Krekovič Black_Bots that is using a new generative music system coming to life in Amsterdam’s institute STEIM.


May’s theatre program brings a few anticipated reruns, a theatre festival and a premiere of the new play by our local Theatre SkRAT. The festival New Drama comes with the performance Koniec, Koniec (End, end) by Petrea Fornay about the quiet disintegration of relationships and suspecting the end. New Drama will also introduce a monodrama of Peter Brajerčík Moral Insanity, coming to A4 form the National Theatre in Prešov.

Debris Company will play the third play from they trilogy opus, Job starring Monika Potokárová and M. Noga about the hope, meaning and doubts of human existence in the meaningless situations of the contemporary world. Rerun of the dance performance Nivea stable directed by Lucia Holinová ponders about the unbearableness of swimming in the streams of Danube.

The Theatre SkRAT will play three of their most popular plays in May. Mono, the legendary Umri, skap a zdochni…!!! and the (not for long) the most recent Shadows of doubt. In the end of May they are set to introduce their new play Smrťá žiťá. The play will ask a lot of questions about death, human resilience and people being actors in they everyday life.


In Kafé A4 there will be more than a few inspiring discussion evenings and afternoons this month. In the second half of may we will welcome Zuzana Kiczková and Mária Spišiaková to discuss the topic of Motherhood (a fate or a choice?). Discussion about the social, political, institutional and also biological and instinctive aspects of this phenomena is hosted by the Philosophical faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava.

New educational format Messages by the historian Lukáš Krajčír will this month focus on the memory and texts of M. R. Štefánik and the ideas of humanism. The end of the month a debate about City in political, economical and social contexts will take place lead by Bohdan Smieška in the series of discussions City as politicum #10 in collaboration with Local Act.


The spring weather pushes everybody to be active and therefore we had prepared a few hand-on events! Besides the children’ workshops lead by Monika Pascoe Mikyšková as an adult you can get creatively fulfilled in the recycling workshop organized by our foreign EVS volunteers. Lead by professional artists you can try to make something out of waste and unused materials that you have at home. The creative afternoon also offers a workshop for repairing bicycles!

Come to A4 in May, we are looking forward to seeing you!