Music workshop: Modular Synthesis with VCV Rack I

Express your sound fantasies! A4 – space for contemporary culture in Bratislava invites you to actively participate in the new series of workshops where you can learn to create music with the popular modular synthesizers. The intro workshop will take place on the 30th of March.


The three-part practical workshop is made for the enthusiasts of electronic sounds that will create music thanks to the program VCV Rack. The open-source program VCV Rack is becoming increasingly popular amongst musicians that are tempted to work with modular synthesizers. One of the biggest advantages of the software version of the synthesizers is besides its price the practically unlimited flexibility – you can let your fantasy run free.

The lecturer of the workshop is Ondřej Spiritza. Under his guidance the beginners will be introduced with the basics of creating and processing sounds with oscillators, simple filters and sequencers… and maybe also with LFO – the low-frequency oscillator.

The workshop VCV Rack I is the introduction to the world of creating electronic music and is a good start for complete beginners. The next two parts of the workshop are its continuation and it’s appropriate for the workshop attendants to take part in the introduction in order to grasp the next workshops.
The lecturer Ondřej Spiritza told us: “The number 1 is the basics. The second workshop will offer the explanation of logic, enveloping and modulating. The third workshop will explain how to build generative patches that can create meaningful music with only minimal human intervention.”


The participants are required to bring their ownlaptop and earphones. The fee for the workshop is 10 EUR and the capacity is limited. Registrations at:

Brought to you as a part of the project of the international cooperation Re-Imagine Europe co-financed by the program of EU Creative Europe and by the Slovak arts council.