March 22

Noise and visual experiments from Thailand in A4

On the Friday night of 23th of March A4 will host a very special musical guest from Southeast Asia. Multidisciplinary and politically engaged artist and experimental musician PISITAKUN started out his european tour in the beginning of March, during which he made stops in places like London’s Cafe OTO or Le Barlok in Brussels. A4 will welcome him this Friday and you are very invited!

PISITAKUN comes from Bangkok (Thailand) and in his works he combines visual arts and sounds since he was a student. He not only brings multimedia experiments but also a political aspect. It might seem that his politically engaged content is too distant from our context – but finding parallels between the political and social situation and history of Thailand in his sounds and our environment is even more exciting and stimulating.

The formal side of PISITAKUN’s art deals with a colorful and wide range of medias, approaches, sounds and tools and instruments. He doesn’t see a genre border between synthetic sounds, noises, digitally generated sounds and tones and colors of traditional musical instruments. The inspiration is drawn from the nature of the material and the medium itself but also topically – from the historic and current events of his home country. In 2016 he completed the album “Black Country” in which he deals with the tense situation and bipolarity of the contemporary Thailand.

After Pisitakun the mix-counter will belong to Slovak experimental musician Kabal, who is best known under his pseudonym Jackques Kustod. The politically engaged and a bit bleak (but also tragicomic) mood of the evening will continue through Kabal’s DJ set that has no genre boundaries and is prepared specifically for this evening!

Pisitakun’s sound work is inseparable from visual arts and that’s also why his tour is accompanied by the Thai visual artist and illustrator Shopyoyoyo – who has a special surprise ready for the braver visitors!

Come and experience some fresh experimental sound and breeze of visual arts from the pulsing Bangkok in A4!

Gabriela Gažová