November 2

November in A4

This month our program will take you to Africa and Australia, underground dance clubs and psychedelia, into the epicentre of contemporary music during the festival NEXT, multi-genres of VLNA festival, into the world of puppet Frankenstein, German minimal techno, summer with Monika and also a lecture about periods for teenage girls. We recommend you not to miss out on any of that!  

cinema in November

A4 is one of the few venues in Bratislava to screen the long-awaited new film by Gaspar Noé, Climax (11.11.). Another visual trip by the director both hated and loved by cinema goers will take us to a club full of nauseous camera moves, dance positions and drugs. The day after we recommend you to see the critically acclaimed film Timbuktu (12.11.) by the Mauritanian director Abderrahman Sissak. The series CinemAfrica brings you films by and about the huge continent we sometimes still know so little about. Connection with Africa will be maintained also in the new Czechoslovak documentary film by Michal Varga, Cirkus Rwanda (4.11.) about a joined acrobatic project of artists from Cirk La Putyka in Czechia and acrobats from Rwanda. Traditionally, we will also bring you films about art and architecture, this time a collection of ten shorts about socialistic architecture of the Eastern bloc called Built to Last (25.11.).

Polish documentary film Communion (5.11.) is an exceptional debut of the young director Anna Zamecka. It follows a story of fourteen year old Ola and her attempts to take care of her family even though she’s still a child herself. Girly coming-of-age is also a topic of a short Slovak film “M” (7.11.) that will premiere in A4 and examine the problems of first periods and playing in a rock band. The female experience will be crucial also in the film Sunset (19.11.) by the Academy Awarded Hungarian director Lászlo Nemes (Son of Saul), that brings a story of a twenty year old orphan Irisz.

music in November
At the beginning of November A4 welcomes Czech musician Tomáš Dvořák known also as Floex. He will introduce a new project in collaboration with British musician Tom Hodge with whom they recently recorded a new album called A portrait of John Doe. The concert (6.11.) marks the start of their fall tour and promises also a visual experience in a form of video-projection by the Virtual Symphony Orchestra and bunch of floating balloons. Later, and for the first time in Bratislava, Wolfgang Voigt and his audiovisual project GAS (10.11.) will come to A4 with the freshest of the best contemporary minimal techno. The second half of the month female musicians will take the wheel. Circuit des Yeux and Leto s Monikou (21.11.) will bring some of the best experimental songwriting, American and Slovak, in both cases innovative and sensitive, one of them darker, another with funny twist. Guess which one is which!
The regular program Teasing (26.11.) invited the electronic music producer and synthesizer lover Peter Kudlička (16 colours) to talk and play us some of his favorite music. And, of course, November also brings already the 19th edition of the contemporary music festival NEXT (28.11. – 1.12.) full of the freshest and high quality contemporary music artists.

A lot of great music in A4 can be also found during the Multi-genre festival of the magazine Vlna. We will celebrate the release of the new album Magnetische Welle (15.11.) by the musical trio Malovcová – Kladivo – Zanolettiová full of composed and improvised music intertwining somewhere between theatre and filmic music. The saturday evening (17.11.) two concerts will happen, XAFOO with Mikoláš Chadim and Julo Fujaka and OTRAS: ex post 20 as a reunion of one of the classics of alternative post-rock playing live after twenty years.

Somewhere between genres – as the multi-genre festival and multi-genre A4’s dramaturgy promises – we can experience a performance fNU-XAZjhzA by Fero Király (also known as the coding tutor patiently leading workshops on creative music programming in A4 regularly). The performance will be a collection of fragments of youtube live coded into a layered visual with new meanings and connections.
fine arts in November
Besides the regular Thursday art workshops for children What is it -IZMS? lead by the artist Monika Pascoe Mikyšková we will also open the exhibition by Barbora Tomíková, In the Bush (3.11.) in the end of the month. Barbora will introduce a photography series from the Australian inlands which happens to be a otherworldly place because of the draught, vast spaces and isolation.
theatre in November

Except for the various repertoire of the local theatre SkRAT you can enjoy the theatre Divadlo na cucky and Divadlo DPM (24.11.) and their current play 1993 in which they examine what does the young generation think about the separation of Czechoslovakia – with both humor and criticism. The puppet theatre Dezorzovo lútkové divadlo comes in with their musical Panoptikum Frankenstain (9.11.) and theatre experiences will wait for you as a part of the VLNA festival (15.11.-18.11.), too – for example the performance Koniec Koniec (15.11.) with Petra Fornayová and Vladimír Zboroň or Michaela Zakuťanská and her Cesta hrdinov (16.11.).

Come every day!