November 2

October in A4

We have so many different faces! This month the dance and literature face shows the most, but there are loads of experimental theatre performances, arty workshops, discussions on architecture and communities and Bratislava, minimalist music lectures and extraordinary musicians ready for you, too.
musical A4
The beginning of October brings a sound and geographic mix of distinctive female musicians. The Japanese producer Kyoka comes to Slovakia for the first time to show us her crazy tempo and pulse switches along with the Swedish-Finnish artist Tsembla and her abstract atmospheres and visuals. The evening opens with the local artist Chaosdroid. Only three nights after this we welcome another lady artists to join the majority of  female artists featured in the October’s program of A4 – DJ Nada El is the techno minimal headliner of the literature festival Novotvar. Minimalistic electronic music and ambient will also occur in an educational context. Peter Dolník will as usual take us to the backstage and the history of popular contemporary pop music in his program Futurit. This time he will focus on ambient and zoom in to this sometimes conceptual, sometimes deep and sometimes emotional genre of electronic music.
Combined with the electronics in A4’s October program you can find a lot of instrumental music, guitars, saxophones and improvisation or classic folk songwriting. Saturday’s irregular Impro Café features Bea Labíková and Raphael Roter and their ensemble, a bit heavier and hard-rocker Saturday two weeks later introduces bands 52 Hertz Whale and Shallov – with our bartender Dominikom playing the drums.  At the end of the month don’t forget to show up for the trio-concert of musicians Splnený zem, then the drummer and composer Mikoo and also multimedia filmic experience by the artistic duo Troi Boglesseoure a Wolf Solent.
literature A4
Novotvar is an international literature festival. Thanks to this event and the Days of Slovak literature the first October’s Thursday and Friday we will all enjoy a colorful program made of discussions, readings and theatre performances with guests writers, performers, readers and debaters including Josef Kleindienst, Mária Modrovich, Petra Fornayová, Vladimír Zboroň, Michal Tallo, Viliam Nádaskay, Veronika Dianišková, Radovan Potočár, Weronika Gogola or Richard Pupala. The second half of October a discussion about poetry and democracy and the influence of politicians will take place focusing on the Slovak engaged literature – this time examining the messages of Woodrow Wilson.
dance and theatre A4 
The contemporary dance appears  in A4 in October many times. The International festival of contemporary dance Bratislava in Movement introduces critically acclaimed and challenging performance by Tereza Hradlíková and her collective, Švihla about fascination of pushing your physical limits and also a precise and strict choreographies of Rita Góbi and her performance Volitant. The local Theatre of dance BB brings the performance Prevalence of good and Tomáš Danielis introduces a premiere of his play Game about strategies of power and dominance in collectives. The end of October will be marked by the performers of Polish Dance Theatre and their new play Žatva connecting classic literature and folklore rituals.
Local theatre SkRAT will once again prove the power of their work. You will get a chance to see five of their plays, including Central Europe Loves You, Mono, Tabu and others. The second half of the month the festival Drama Queer starts off with the performance of Jiří Bartovanec Entropy. Theatre J.K.Tyla from Prague introduces the play Talented Mr. Ripley.
visual arts A4
Friday the 12th we open an exhibition of work by the young painter Nikola Šušovičová, Don’t Smudge. Prints, traces, marks and scars in the emptiness and silence. October in A4 brings visual art to the youngest ones again, every Thursday we study the avant-garde and -ISMS? with the artist Monika Pascoe Mikyšková.
film A4
Kino Inak will as always serve you the freshest mix of world cinema. October starts with biopic mapping the comeback of legendary singer Nico, directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli. Another distinctive documentary film of this autumn is the Romanian film Dead Nation by Radu Jude, opening the painful topics of antisemitism and holocaust in Romania. Pawel Pawlikowski also searches for the stories to tell in his film in the past. His new film Cold War follows a love story blossoming in the post-war Europe. New film by Mathieu Amalric, Barbara will be screened as a part of the film x art programming, focusing the blurred lines between film and visual arts. The end of the month will be marked by screening of the Japanese film Shoplifters by Hirokazu Koreeda and Polish movie Mug by Małgorzata Szumowska.
We are looking forward to see you every day!