August 15

September´s polish jazz in A4

The A4 has good relationships with our Polish neighbors and that´s also one of the reasons why we can all enjoy yet another international evening in the upcoming fall program. The 21st of September we will bring you a jazz event full of the freshest musicians on the scene!

The project Polish Jazz 1918 – 2018 came to life in cooperation with the Wroclav´s club Firlej. Thanks to them the exceptional concerts of contemporary jazz will happen not only in the A4 but also in the Prague´s Jazz Dock or in Budapest´s Opus Jazz Club and Lumen Kávézó. In Bratislava´s A4 we are excited to welcome most of the Polish Jazz prominent artists – so if you want to collect them all, you don´t have to follow them to Budapest, the only one missing from Bratislava´s program is Mikolaj Trzaska who you can hear and see in Prague on the 12th of September. Everybody else is coming right to us in A4!

And the everybody else is the hip ensemble Młynarski-Masecki Jazz Band who specializes in updating the traditional polish swing schlagers into a fresh contemporary sounding interpretations. You can dance and listen, be nostalgic or find their futurism. The work of the Młynarski-Masecki Jazz Band will remind you of the classic jazz ensembles between wars – at least from afar. Other than that they mix the well known songs with improvisation, huge amount of musical virtuosity and skill, musical humor and adventurous spontaneous fee jazz.

Wacław Zimpel will add minimalistic compositions influenced by the music from the Far East and India to the evening´s collection. The awarded and active clarinet player, composer and improviser will also introduce a new solo album – following many successful collaborations with musicians from South India or Belinda Zhawi from Zimbabwe. Waclaw will play twice this evening – second time accompanied by the well known Slovak electronic musician Tomáš Prištiak of Tante Elze.

Come to get happy in autumn with jazz. It will be colorful, nostalgic, local, exotic, young and cheerful.

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The project is realized in collaboration with Polish Institute in Prague, Polish Institute in Bratislava and Polish Institute in Budapest.