Three exceptional performances of “shifted” songwriting in A4

The coming up change of summer time to cold winter one will be marked by three distinctive projects introduced in A4. The evening of “shifted songwriting” by local authors will bring romantic “depression-ism”, meditative improvisation and intriguing audiovisual performances.
Behind the ensemble of the project Splnený zem there are three big names of Slovak music scene- Martin Burlas, Peter Zagar a Martin Karvaš. After finishing the unique project Ospalý pohyb it was only a matter of time when its founder Martin Burlas came up with something new. It happened last year, when he founded the trio Splnený zem, that is somewhat similar but still different form the previous project: the texts are less comprehensible and the music feels more electronic and experimental in sound. What stays the same is the melancholic atmosphere as well as the slow tempo. After a year of work interrupted by short moments of losing orientation and apparent awakening the three protagonists of the romantic depressionism genre managed to finish a year’s work on their new album.
“The end is near, but electricity is still working and the easy listening nightmares sometimes come to you. Sometimes even with singing parts – sang in a new language” 
The international acoustic ensemble Mikoo comes together as a group of four young improvising musician inspired by temple music, minimalism and electronic music. The author of the compositions is the Slovak composer and drummer Michaela Antalová, whose compositions are reformed into an original live form by the other members of the ensemble live – changing into minimalistic “soft melodies”. Another member of the quartet is Ayumi Tanaka from Japan, who plays the piano and studied at the Norwegian music academy. The guitar is played by Norwegian musician Fredrik Rasten. The fourth member of the crew is Ina Sagusten, also coming from Norway, where she studied jazz and improvised music. Their mutual goal is to play music that all the member of the group can relate to and create one intimate and meditative sound.
The audiovisual performance White Days 2 – Songs Of The Otioseness – meaning “songs of vanity”, was inspired by the myth about the “eternal return”. Multimedia artist Ladislav Pálmai (Troil Boglesseoure) worked on his experimental music film together with musicial Zoltán Melecski (Wolf Solent) and formed it to an exceptional live performance. The black and white visuals in a symbiosis with vocals and dark sound surfaces promise an intensive experience for many senses.
The reaization of the performance White Days 2 – Songs Of The Otioseness was supported by the public funding of the Minority Culture Fund.