January 16

We celebrate 20 years of A4!

In January 2024 we celebrate A4’s 20th birthday! We would like to invite you to celebrate this special anniversary with us. During three days we will have the following programme:

Wednesday 17.1. Presentation & discussion: Why do we need cultural centers?

In moderated discussions, we will introduce cultural centres to the public, their role, importance and what functions they bring to cities and regions. In the first part, representatives of centres from all over Slovakia will discuss the future and in the second part we will focus on the Bratislava scene.

more info here -> https://a4.sk/en/events/2024/01/17/20-years-a4-presentation-discussion-why-do-we-need-cultural-centers/

Thursday 18.1. Theater SkRAT: Punctum contra punctum (1st reprise)

“He already had it in his childhood. He prayed for it to stop.
Children have voices too. Clean your room.”

more info here -> https://a4.sk/en/events/2024/01/18/theater-skrat-punctum-contra-punctum-2/

Friday 19.1. B-DAY PA4TY! Concerts: Rainy Muller, Sara Persico, ZULI, Kvaskova

What is a birthday without a proper party? Look forward to a concert and party full of fresh music and a Slovak premiere. Performances by: Rainy Miller, Sara Persico, ZULI and Kvaskova.

more info here -> https://a4.sk/en/events/2024/01/19/20-years-a4-b-day-pa4ty-rainy-miller-sara-persico-zuli-kvaskova/

See you in A4!