What is the A4 Zine?

“What is the A4 Zine?” is a frequently asked question our volunteers have encountered while working on the latest edition of the zine. A question that encapsulates the curiosity and intrigue surrounding the zine, this article helps you to find your answer of what it is and give a glimpse of its aims and mission. Before we dive into the specificities of the A4 Zine, let’s first explore what is a zine in general.

With a quick internet search, some terms that describe a ‘zine’ are ‘self-published’, ‘small-circulation’, ‘non-commercial’ and as having a DIY essence – zines often serve as platforms for individuals or collectives to share their ideas, artworks, stories and tend to cover a wide range of topics, anywhere between personal narratives to political commentary, while being accompanied by artworks made in different types of media. Offering creators an intimate space to express themselves.

But what is the A4 Zine? A4 Zine not only embraces the DIY spirit but also transcends it. Crafted by our European Solidarity Corps volunteers, each edition of it is a labor of love, driven by a shared passion for creativity and community. Since our former European volunteers started the zine in 2017, the aim of it has revolved around being a platform for emerging artists, based in Slovakia, to showcase their talent and connect with new audiences. The zine includes an array of artists and themes, reflecting the vibrancy that shines through the artistic and cultural landscape of Slovakia. Some artists who have been featured in the previous editions are, for example, textile artist Viktoria Bakušova, photographer Oksana Sadovenko and many more. From musicians to photographers and from painters to intermedia artists – A4 Zine is a place of discovery.

Whether it’s collaborations with artists who perform at A4 or thematic explorations curated by the volunteers, the publishing frequency depends each year. Some years, A4 Zine comes out on a monthly basis, and this year you can expect two issues. In these seven years the volunteers have organized group exhibitions with artists featured in the zine or simply having an added value in the form of a poster, a CD or a small artwork. Read about the A4 Zine from April 2019 and check the Instagram post about last year’s zine.

The next issue of A4 Zine is COMING SOON, as this year’s volunteers have been busy preparing. The zine will be launched during a great event full of surprises, art, and music, at the beginning of June. Be sure to grab your copy either during the launch event or afterwards when visiting A4.