April 23

Artists-in-residence in 2024

Like each year, in 2024 we host several artists in residence at A4. They will develop an artwork and present it at the end of their stay of 1 or 2 months. During a residency period, makers have workspace at their disposal for research, development and experimentation and we offer them guidance. In doing so, we promote the development of makers’ artistic practices.

Makers to be hosted in 2024

This year, we host 5 residencies. Visual and sound artists: Martin Hurych, Pál Zwickl, and Orsolya Kaincz. Performing artists: Hana Kokšalová, and Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó.

Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó already started their residency at the beginning of April. They are working on a performative lecture on the impact of earthquakes on theaters from a theoretical perspective. The performance will take place on 29 April 2024: Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó: RAW (premiere).

In the past years, we had some amazing residents. Take a look at a few highlights and get an idea for the broad variety of performances you can expect this year.

Residency of Fuzzy Earth

The duo Fuzzy Earth, Tekla Gedeon & Sebastian Gschanes, created and presented the multimedia installation ‘Harvest in the Hanging Gardens’. They used a technologically enhanced carpet, sound, and projection as media to tell stories about food production. This was featured as part of the White Night festival 2022 at A4.

“Bell peppers are so part of Hungarian culture, that they are a national symbol. So we got quite fascinated by how plants can shape national identities and personal identities.”

Check Fuzzy Earth’s residency on A4 TV

Residency of Márk Bartha

Márk Bartha went out of his comfort zone during his residency at A4. Usually he works with found architecture, but in the black box there is nothing pre-existing. That is why he created fictitious landscapes / architectures / dimensions inspired by a forest. He invited the audience into an ecosystem of nature which was represented by the electronic sounds.

“I am using a DIY control system for LEDs and it has been installed by the very helpful technicians at A4. The sounds I make are controlling the lights in a lot of different aspects.”

Check Márk Bartha’s residency on A4 TV.

Other past residencies

Over the years, A4 has hosted many more artistic residencies. Check the residency playlist on A4 TV to find out what other makers did in previous years!

Residencies at A4 are organized with the support of the International Visegrad Fund as a part of Visegrad Arts Residency Program. Supported using public funding by the Slovak Art Council and Bratislava City Foundation.