Saturday at 1:30 PM

And the silence smiled 1 – children’s musical workshop

13.30-18.30 children (11-14y) / workshop / voluntary entrance fee

What would it be like to be a song? A song or a tone. I would probably need a bit of silence. Yes, silence would be missed. And what would be the color of this silence? Would it be big? Would it have a lot of questions? Would I smell its fragrance? And if silence were a person, how would they be looking at me now? I would like to make it happy. I heard that if you make someone happy, that moment becomes even better.

Our first experience oriented seminar will explore everything that’s inside us, what connects us, what makes us special. But also that which does not belong to us. We will work with the format of sound collage. We will play with various sounds – using non-musical and musical Instruments and used them to create sound portraits. We will try out group work and work in pairs. Our two-part workshop will be led by the Prague musician and artist Kateřina Zochová.

The second part of the workshop will take place in May. Register at: workshop@a4.sk.

The workshop takes place within the Re-Imagine Europe project co-finance through the European Union program – Creative Europe.