Re-imagine Europe

Since October 2017, A4 is part of the Re-imagine Europe project.
Rising nationalism, climate change and migration are drawing European countries apart, while technological advances continue to change the ways that we interact, urging us to explore new modes of operation.
Re-Imagine Europe is a four-year project with 10 cultural institutions from across Europe, addressing the social and political challenges we face today.



Registrations are open for A4’s Creative Programming Workshop

On the 20th of June, between 10:00 and 18:00, A4 will host a special workshop intended for those curious about…

Light, sound, space: festival NEXT premieres projects by international artists

The 20th edition of the festival of contemporary music NEXT in Bratislava brings premieres and adaptations of new sound and…

The creation of electronic sounds continues! We invite you to the VCV Rack II.

Express your sound fantasies! This is an invitation to the continuation of the workshop series that will teach you how…


October 29

Kúpte si naše prázdne miesta!

Hľadisko je u nás aktuálne prázdne. Môžete si však kúpiť vstupenku, s ktorou si nikam nesadnete, a podporiť tak A4.…
October 20

Wabi Experience: Federsel & Tarnovski (interview)

22/08/2020 A4 – Priestor súčasnej kultúry Wabi Experience (Federsel & Tarnovski), 3C 273, Nosilac Zvuka Bard českého country Wabi Daněk…


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